As a parent, there’s nothing more natural than being a bit wary of new trends, products, and fads emerging on the market. You want to make sure your kids are staying safe when they’re running amuck, and that you’ve got good knowledge of the products and equipment they’re using.

If you’ve got a little one who desperately wants to try out a full face snorkel mask, or you’ve heard about them but aren’t sure if they’re suitable for kids – this article will resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

So let’s get to it:

Are full face snorkel masks safe for children?

The short answer: yes

If you’re just looking for a straight-out answer and don’t care about the nitty gritty, then yes, full face snorkel masks can totally be used by children. In fact, at Ninja Shark we have a whole range of full face snorkel masks, fins, wetsuits, and equipment designed just for kids.

That said, you want to make sure your kids are using the full face snorkel masks designed for children. You don’t want your kids borrowing an adult full face mask as it simply won’t fit around the face properly and cause a whole host of problems. As with traditional snorkelling, make sure your kids are always well supervised when out on the water. Luckily, our kids full face snorkel masks have a longer tube that can be easily seen from a distance.

Are full face snorkel masks safer for children than traditional snorkel masks?

While they might look a lot different, when it comes to safety there’s not much difference between a full face snorkel mask and a traditional snorkel mask. If you’re happy for your kids to splash around in a regular snorkel, then you can rest assured a full face snorkel mask won’t come with any extra dangers.

If anything, there are a number of advantages to full face snorkel masks that make them a more ideal choice for children. Let’s look at those in more detail.

Why a full face snorkel mask is more suitable for kids

  • Easier breathing
  • The design of the full face snorkel mask allows kids to breathe through both their nose and their mouth, making snorkelling a more natural and comfortable experience. This is especially handy for kids who might be afraid of the water or not enjoy the traditional snorkelling style.

  • Anti-leak seal
  • All too often, traditional snorkel masks can suck up a bit of seawater by accident, causing an unpleasant experience for anyone (kids and adults alike!) Full face snorkel masks include an anti-leak dry top seal that prevents water from entering the mask, so your kids can swim peacefully without worrying about choking (and more importantly, you won’t have to worry about them choking).

  • No sore jaws/teeth
  • If your kids complain about their jaws and teeth hurting after biting down on traditional snorkel masks for too long, they can enjoy less discomfort with the full face snorkel masks. Again, the design allows them to breathe more naturally, without a tube in their mouth causing aches and pains!

  • No fogging
  • Foggy goggles are the worst, and with kids the fogging seems to occur even more often! Our full face snorkel masks include an anti-fog coating, so your kids can snorkel free and easy without having to stop and defog their goggles all the time. We’ve also designed them with a separate breathing chamber which creates an airflow away from the main viewing screen, so there’s even less chance of fogging.

  • Longer tube for easy supervision
  • Kids have way too much energy and will probably be snorkelling long after you’ve tired yourself out for the day. At Ninja Shark we’ve designed our children’s full face snorkels with a longer tube so they can easily be spotted from a distance without you having to feel like you’re playing a game of Where’s Wally.

  • High quality, safe materials
  • Let’s be real, there’s too much cheap stuff available on the market these days, and it can be tempting to drop a few dollars on a piece of equipment that’s super cheap. That said, those products aren’t always safe for use, and can include traces of toxic chemicals in the materials. We’re speaking for ourselves when we say that our full face snorkel masks are made from a high quality, medical grade liquid silicone that is safe for use and contains no nasty stuff!

  • They look damn cool
  • When you’re buying stuff for kids it’s simply not gonna go down well if it doesn’t look cool. Children want stuff that’s cool and edgy, innovative and different, and we think full face snorkel masks look the part! A bit space-y, a bit alien-like, full face snorkel masks are just different from any other piece of equipment out there, and you can trust your kids will be all over that.

    A cooler and more comfy snorkel experience

    When it comes down to it, full face snorkel masks have been designed to improve upon traditional snorkel masks, and it’s their new features that set them apart. These features – like the breathing mechanism, the anti-leak seal, and the anti-fog coating – all create a more comfortable and relaxing experience when snorkelling, making full face snorkel masks an ideal for choice for children.

    A particularly good choice for those who may experience anxiety in the water or dislike the unnatural breathing mechanism of traditional snorkels, full face snorkel masks offer a new chance to try your hand at snorkelling and enjoy the beautiful scenery that’s hiding underwater. Have a look at our kids’ range today!

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